corda / com.r3.corda.networkmanage.common.cryptoservice

Package com.r3.corda.networkmanage.common.cryptoservice



interface CryptoService<T : AuthenticationCredentials, U : KeyConfig>

Crypto service that encompasses certain cryptographic operations such as signing of data.


open class CryptoServiceException


interface CryptoServiceFactory


class CryptoServiceFactoryImpl : CryptoServiceFactory

Class responsible for creating the implementation specific Crypto Service object that can be used to interact with the HSM/underlying provider. Note that most of the HSM specific java libraries are proprietary and hence cannot be bundled with our release. Instead, these Jars are provided by the user and hot-loaded at runtime. See static make method.


abstract class CryptoServiceSpec<T : AuthenticationCredentials, U : KeyConfig>

This is a base class, containing the tests that consist the specification for CryptoService


abstract class JCACryptoService<T : AuthenticationCredentials, U : KeyConfig> : CryptoService<T, U>

This is the base class that facilitates easy integration of further HSM vendors that provide a JCA provider. For every vendor we want to support there has to be a new CryptoService that implements CryptoService and optionally inherits from this class if it makes sense. Not all vendors fully implement the JCA API and some of the methods of this class will have to be overridden with vendor-specific implementations.