corda / / AttachmentStorage


@DoNotImplement interface AttachmentStorage

An attachment store records potentially large binary objects, identified by their hash.



abstract fun getLatestContractAttachments(contractClassName: String, minContractVersion: Int = DEFAULT_CORDAPP_VERSION): List<AttachmentId>

Find the Attachment Id(s) of the contract attachments with the highest version for a given contract class name from trusted upload sources. Return highest version of both signed and unsigned attachment ids (signed first, unsigned second), otherwise return a single signed or unsigned version id, or an empty list if none meet the criteria.


abstract fun hasAttachment(attachmentId: AttachmentId): Boolean

Searches for an attachment already in the store


abstract fun importAttachment(jar: InputStream): AttachmentId

Inserts the given attachment into the store, does not close the input stream. This can be an intensive operation due to the need to copy the bytes to disk and hash them along the way.

abstract fun importAttachment(jar: InputStream, uploader: String, filename: String?): AttachmentId

Inserts the given attachment with additional metadata, see importAttachment for input stream handling Extra parameters:


abstract fun importOrGetAttachment(jar: InputStream): AttachmentId

Inserts or returns Attachment Id of attachment. Does not throw an exception if already uploaded.


abstract fun openAttachment(id: AttachmentId): Attachment?

Returns a handle to a locally stored attachment, or null if it's not known. The handle can be used to open a stream for the data, which will be a zip/jar file.


abstract fun queryAttachments(criteria: AttachmentQueryCriteria, sorting: AttachmentSort? = null): List<AttachmentId>

Searches attachment using given criteria and optional sort rules

open fun queryAttachments(criteria: AttachmentQueryCriteria): List<AttachmentId>

Extension Functions


fun Any.contextLogger(): Logger

When called from a companion object, returns the logger for the enclosing class.



class MockAttachmentStorage : AttachmentStorage, SingletonSerializeAsToken

A mock implementation of AttachmentStorage for use within tests