corda / net.corda.core.cordapp

Package net.corda.core.cordapp

This package contains the interface to CorDapps from within a node. A CorDapp can access it's own context by using the CordappProvider.getAppContext() class. These classes are not intended to be constructed manually and no interface to do this will be provided.



interface Cordapp

Represents a cordapp by registering the JAR that contains it and all important classes for Corda. Instances of this class are generated automatically at startup of a node and can get retrieved from CordappProvider.getAppContext from the CordappContext it returns.


interface CordappConfig

Provides access to cordapp configuration independent of the configuration provider.


class CordappContext

An app context provides information about where an app was loaded from, access to its classloader, and (in the included Cordapp object) lists of annotated classes discovered via scanning the JAR.


data class CordappInfo

A CordappInfo describes a single CorDapp currently installed on the node


interface CordappProvider

Provides access to what the node knows about loaded applications.



class CordappConfigException : Exception

Thrown if an exception occurs in accessing or parsing cordapp configuration