corda / net.corda.core.flows / Destination


@DoNotImplement interface Destination

An abstraction for flow session destinations. A flow can send to and receive from objects which implement this interface. The specifics of how the messages are routed depend on the implementation.

Corda currently only supports a fixed set of destination types, namely Party and AnonymousParty. New destination types will be added in future releases.

Extension Functions


fun Any.contextLogger(): <ERROR CLASS>

When called from a companion object, returns the logger for the enclosing class.



abstract class AbstractParty : Destination

An AbstractParty contains the common elements of Party and AnonymousParty, specifically the owning key of the party. In most cases Party or AnonymousParty should be used, depending on use-case.


class AnonymousParty : Destination, AbstractParty

The AnonymousParty class contains enough information to uniquely identify a Party while excluding private information such as name. It is intended to represent a party on the distributed ledger.


class Party : Destination, AbstractParty

The Party class represents an entity on the network, which is typically identified by a legal name and public key that it can sign transactions under. As parties may use multiple keys for signing and, for example, have offline backup keys, the "public key" of a party can be represented by a composite construct – a CompositeKey, which combines multiple cryptographic public key primitives into a tree structure.